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This Script to manage your opt-in ezines, mailing lists, and membership lists with a single interface.  Works basically just like EXTRACTOR PRO which sells for as much as $200.  This is browser based CLONE.   Our program won't time out like other programs that attempt to do the same thing.  Allows you to create unlimited unique mailing lists, removes duplicates automatically, merge lists, remove from lists by substring match (EG: 'donotspam". "edu").  Email lists are saved automatically as flat file databases which are compatible with most email software.   Keeps accurate count of unique emails per list in realtime.  Add or remove single email addresses from any list.  Also allows you to send attachments to your mailings.  No modules required.  Easy installation.

System Requirements

  • Perl 5
  • Sendmail


  • No time out problems even with huge lists
  • Sleep function may be set to send out emails every second or minute to minimize server load
  • Allows you to create and delete unlimited lists
  • Automatically sorts unique
  • Allows merging of lists and automatically removes duplicates
  • Allows removal of substrings such as (
  • Allows uploading of any text file and extracts unique emails
  • Keeps accurate count of unique emails per lists in real time
  • Add or remove single emails from any list
  • Send email to lists with ANY MIME attachment included
Only: $9.95

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