A WHOIS search remains the quickest and most effective way to determine important domain name ownership and domain registry details. With just a simple click you can check the registration of all your existing domains,  source new domains for your next online projects, plus you can research and uncover the true identity and activities of your online competitors!

 WHOIS Manager takes the guesswork out of WHOIS lookups by automatically determining the domain registrar, then instantly querying that registrarís WHOIS server all in one simple step!

When you perform a WHOIS search on a domain name a query is sent to the
registrar (the company that registered the domain). This company maintains
a database of contact and ownership details.

WHOIS Manager allows you to research, save and print all available information about a domain name registration, including country, state, city, name of the network provider, and administrator and technical support contact information.

 WHOIS Manager Benefits:  

  • See if a domain name has been registered successfully in the World-Wide Internic Domain Database.
  • Search, save and print the final expiration dates of your own valuable domain names.
  • Know the expiration dates of other domains which you would like to register in the future
  • Lookup admin contact information, or to see if any changes you made recently to your information have been updated.
  • Uncover the identity and location of millions of domain name owners or business competitors
  • Check the DNS (nameserver) entry associated with
    a domain.                                                                         

WHOIS Manager Features:   

  • Display WHOIS details for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .co.uk, .org.uk and other tlds of your choice!
  • View results for multiple domains easily using the tabbed result display.
  • Review recent whois lookups by selecting the domains from the drop down list and set quantity of recent lookups
  • Auto-Detect the Whois server for each domain lookup
  • Redirect to Authoritative Whois server for each domain
  • Configure Whois servers to lookup each tld
  • Save all Whois result data in plain text format
  • Print all Whois result data
  • Set font and font size for all Whois result data
  • Copy all Whois result data to the Windows clipboard
  • Simple user interface and navigation
  • Minimize software to system tray and restore with Hotkey
  • Comprehensive Help documentation for all settings
  • Easy uninstallation of software and system settings
  • For use with Windows 98/ME/XP                                             

WHOIS Manager Screenshot 1: Main Screen

WHOIS Manager Screenshot 2: Edit Settings

WHOIS Manager Screenshot 3: Manage WHOIS Servers

WHOIS Manager Screenshot 4:  Help Documentation

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