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desktop billing database solution

VTERM is a browser based billing database manager and processing system that allows you to securely processing entire billing databases from your desktop without uploading data to a webserver.  Accepts your flatfile billing database or create one from scratch through the handy editor.   Allows you to delete and modify client billing data in realtime.  Software keeps track of complex rebilling schedules automatically so all you have to do is upload and click away.  Rejected cards are marked with error messages allowing you to notify all of the problem accounts with a single click that they need to correct their billing information.  Easily modify billing schedules and client information at any time.   When you are done billing for the day simply click the download button and save the updated database to your desktop.  Allows you to process online checks, mastercard, visa, american express, discover, and jcb.

System Requirements

  • Supports Version 3.0
  • SSLEAY/Open SSL required for using port 443
  • A web browser
  • Perl 5
  • Sendmail
  • SSL Server with CGI Capabilities Recommended
  • Compatible online merchant account


  • Validates Mastercard,Visa,Amex,Novus/Discover,JCB, and online checks
  • Accounts with billing problems/errors marked for easily notification
  • Works on secure and non-secure servers
  • Directly interfaces into authorize net
  • Accepts flatfile text databases created with popular programs such as XL and access
  • Create a new database from scratch with the handy account editor
  • Edit account data through the browser in realtime
  • Single click sends out notifications to all accounts with billing problems
  • Automatically keeps track of complex recurring billing cycles
  • Simple to install
Only: $9.95

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