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Is your website on a fixed bandwidth budget?  Now you can kick heavy users off your password site and keep your bandwidth bill under TOTAL control!  The valve scans and kicks users off your password list if they surpass the webmaster defined bandwidth quota.  Also effective secondary measure to monitor for password leaks.  Most password leak security programs only scan for multiple logins but PROXY servers such as AOL, etal FAIL to get noticed!  Not so with the bandwidth valver.  Stop data hogs cold. 

System Requirements

  • Works on all operating systems
  • Apache web server
  • Access logs
  • .htaccess ability
  • Telnet access
  • Perl 5
  • Crontab recommended


  • Blocks excessive bandwidth per username by removing password account
  • Useful countermeasure against proxy servers such as AOL
Only: $9.95

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