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Referal Tracking System

Topsites is a popular promotional program that allows your affiliates & promoters to send traffic and earn reciprocal displays on a link list.  Our advanced software generates the linklist from crontab to allow ultrafast operation even under heavy fire.  Topsites is fully compatible with our AGENTS OF FORTUNE affiliate software which tracks and awards sales commissions.  The topsites list may be inserted on the fly into any webpage with a simple server sides includes command, be used as its own web page or in a console.  Comprehensive statistics are provided for both administrator and affiliates which breakdown the traffic sent and traffic received from each promoter.  Admin stats allow overview of traffic for the entire year, bi-monthly, or daily statistical periods and may also kick out malicious users.

System Requirements

  • Customizable to work with all operating systems - designed for unix
  • Customizable to work with all web servers - designed for apache/enterprise
  • If you are using NT you should have DAF installed
  • Perl 5
  • Crontab access
  • Sendmail


  • Fast, streamlined code minimizes server load
  • Ability to integrate into Agents of Fortune Affiliate Software
  • Crontab generation of hitcounts to handle heavy traffic
  • Ergonomic, logical statistical interface
  • Allows you  affiliates to modify their account information
  • Topsite results may be inserted into any webpage on the fly
  • Link code generated for affiliates so they cannot make mistakes
  • Statistics track both incoming and outgoing traffic for admin and members
  • Realtime administrative statistics
  • Realtime member statistics
  • Instant account activation for affiliates
  • Allows admin to terminate abusers
  • 100% of the administration is performed via the web browser
  • Intuitive, point-and-click interfaces
  • Provides your affiliates with 24/7 password-protected WWW access to real time statistics
  • Detailed breakdowns by day, week, pay period
  • Archives statistics for the entire year
Only: $9.95

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