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Multi-vendor shopping mall

Supermall is much more than a shopping cart.  Supermall allows a single mall administrator to sell merchandise from multiple vendors by drop-shipment (like cd-now does).  The administrator can add vendor information to the mall and add individual items provided by each vendor so when an order is placed invoices are emailed (or can be faxed through email-fax translation services) to vendors and orders are drop-shipped so you never have to actually stock any inventory.   The mall client interface allows browsing by catagories (yahoo-style) or multiple keyword searches.  All features are accessible by the admin panel to allow easy editing and administration of the mall.  Customers and the administrator can check and print out confirmation pages created when an order is approved.  Supermall supports manual credit card validation and real-time validation through   Stores customer information in mysql which you can use for future promotional purposes.  No HTML required to add new items - simply fill out forms and pages are generated for every item.  Each item page can have html, pictures, etc.  Item pages give you maximum search engine visibility unlike cgi-generated html pages.   Many more features planned for future upgrades including statistical and profitibility reports.  Easily integrates into any of our affiliate software packages

System Requirements

  • Perl 5
  • Mysql Database Software
  • Msql-Mysql Module
  • DBI Module
  • SSLEAY/OpenSSL required for realtime validation
  • Authorize.Net account required for realtime validation
  • Unix Style Operating System
  • Apache Server Software
  • Sendmail
  • .htaccess supported


  • Supports unlimited vendors, catagories, items, orders, and customers
  • Easily integrates into any of our affiliate software packages
  • Web page created for each item for maximum search engine visibility
  • Admin panel allows easy add/edit/delete of entire mall database
  • Supports realtime validation through
  • Supports manual credit card validation
  • Emails receipts to customer with confirmation url so they can check their order anytime
  • Emails sale to mall administrator
  • Emails each vendor per sale a drop shipment invoice from your mall to your client
  • Stores customer information (email, name, etc) so you can use this for future promotions
  • Customers can easily add items to cart and modify their cart contents.
  • Supports ground, 2day, and overnight shipping rates per item
  • Supports shipping fees calculated by weight or qty of item
  • Allows customers to "bookmark" products and view their bookmarks for later purchases
  • No HTML required to add new items
  • Each item page can have html, pictures and more
  • Drop shipment invoices can be emailed to email-to-fax translation services
  • Allows mall browsing by catagories or multiple keyword searches
  • Customizable HTML footer and headers
  • Easy to follow source code for total cosmetic adjustments
  • Security features check to prevent duplicate orders
  • Taxable/non-taxable status per each item option
  • Tax rate and taxable shipping zones
Only: $19.95

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