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clickthrough payout system

SUPERCLIX is a MYSQL database driven 2 tier clickthrough system which allows you to effectively recruit and payout commissions to advertisers that send you banner clicks.   Superclix features instant account activation, text or image based link code, gateway support and real time statistics.  Negligable server load requirements.  Ergonomic statistical interface allows zooming into sales records from year to day to sale.  Exports payout schedules into flat file database.  Offers multilevel commission structure to reward advertisers that recruit new advertisers.  Supports gateways (modulars) so you can make the system payout only when the visitor visits a page deeper in your site than the initial redirection url.  

System Requirements

  • Perl 5
  • Mysql Database Software
  • Msql-Mysql Module
  • DBI Module
  • Sendmail
  • Password protection ability recommended
  • Unix recommended


  • Fast, streamlined code minimizes server load
  • MYSQL database backend makes this 1,000,000 times faster than lame flatfile systems
  • Allows option of making visitor surf to deeper level than the redirection url in order to count the click (gateway/modulars)
  • Multilevel commission tracking  (optional) allows you to reward advertisers that recruit new advertisers
  • Ability to export databases to flat file, field delimited formats compatible with most check writing programs
  • Ergonomic, logical statistical interface
  • Allows your advertisers the ability to modify their account information
  • Supports image links or text based link code
  • Banner code generated for advertisers so they cannot make mistakes!
  • Flexible payout schedules able to conform to any pay schedule - set to bi-monthly as default
  • Realtime administrative statistics
  • Realtime advertiser statistics
  • Instant account activation for advertisers
  • 100% of the administration is performed via the web browser
  • Intuitive, point-and-click interfaces
  • Provides your affiliates with 24/7 password-protected WWW access to real time statistics
  • Detailed breakdowns by day, week, pay period
  • Archives statistics for the entire year
  • Banners served from advertisers to minimize server load
  • Minimum payout threshold may be set
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