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build a huge database of sales leads by paying off affiliates

SLA allows you to recruit and reward affiliates for collecting email subscribers to your opt-in mailing list.  Your affiliates signup and place the special linkcode on their website.  The linkcode allows anyone to signup for your newsletter from any website without actually leaving the site.  You reward affiliates that send you new subscribers by cash or advertising credits in your newsletter.  A powerful way to build up enormous lists of sales leads.  Instant account activation, secure POST method banner code, real time statistics, and tracking of split cash and advertising payout credits.  Ergonomic statistical interface allows zooming into sales records from year to day to sale.  Exports payout schedules into flat file database.

System Requirements

  • Customizable to work with all operating systems
  • Customizable to work with all web servers
  • Perl 5
  • Sendmail


  • Fast, streamlined code minimizes server load
  • Split commissions between CASH payouts or ADVERTISING credits
  • Ability to export databases to flat file, field delimited formats compatible with most check writing programs
  • Ergonomic, logical statistical interface
  • Allows you  affiliates to modify their account information
  • Enforced POST method blocks attempts to subvert commissions
  • Banner code generated for affiliates so they cannot make mistakes
  • Flexible payout schedules able to conform to any pay schedule - set to bi-monthly as default
  • Realtime administrative statistics
  • Realtime member statistics
  • Instant account activation for affiliates
  • Only pays out for UNIQUE email addresses
  • Allows subscribers to unsubscribe
  • Email confirmation is sent to new subscribers and requires response before credit is given to affiliate
  • 100% of the administration is performed via the web browser
  • Intuitive, point-and-click interfaces
  • Provides your affiliates with 24/7 password-protected WWW access to real time statistics
  • Detailed breakdowns by day, week, pay period
  • Archives statistics for the entire year
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