Stop Losing Customers! 

There are two undisputable facts about web users: 1) Most users are on 56K dialup service and 2) Most users won't wait more than 10 seconds for a web page to load.  If your website isn't loading fast enough, potential customers are simply CLICKING AWAY and going to your competitors websites!

Let "Quik Site" Put Your Website On Overdrive!

"Quik Site" will shrink your HTML files size by applying modern and very effective compression techniques. This can compress your web pages up to 90% (up to 10 times smaller than the original file), so your users that have a dialup connection would be downloading your HTML files at almost DSL speed!!! Imagine downloading your web pages in a real DSL connection, it would be almost immediate!

There is no special plugin or software that your users need to install. Also, the compressed web pages have self-extracting features. "Quik Site" also features two different compression methods, high security password protection of your web pages, automatic backup of HTML files in Quik Site backups folder, and the ability to preserve the meta tags of your files.  Another great feature of Quik Site is its decompression speed (up to 4 times faster and better than other products!!). Why not speed up your site and make your users happy with this
valuable tool?


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