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Easy to install security script that stops hackers from using possibly their FAVORITE hack of choice - NETWORK SPOOFING.  These are the number one criminal techniques used by hackers, hotlinkers, credit card fraud, etc.  These hackers will use sites that publish lists of hubs you can connect into and make people think you live in england, florida, arizona, you name it.  They think they are untraceable and for the most part they are.  NOT ANYMORE!  HA HA!   This nifty script kills them in 60 seconds or less.  No matter how many times they come back with a new fake IP they are blocked at the ROOT!  After a few retries they will go to your less secure competitor and screw with them instead!  An absolute MUST HAVE SECURITY SCRIPT.  NO SITE IS SAFE WITHOUT IT!

System Requirements

  • Perl 5
  • crontab
  • .htaccess
  • nslookup (exists on 99.9999999%) of all webservers


  • Completely automated after installation
  • 100% failsafe - will NEVER block anyone that doesn't deserve it
  • 100% effective - WILL block hackers EVERYTIME - even if they just downloaded ONE PIXEL of a gif they are blocked from your website FOREVER!
  • Over time your blocklist becomes valuable - I.E. WORTH MONEY!
  • Completely DESTROYS the NUMBER ONE HACKING TECHNIQUE even 12 year olds use and know about - IP SPOOFING! 
  • Will cut down your chargebacks, hotlinking, file sharing, and EVERY OTHER NASTY thing hackers will do to your site
  • ABSOLUTELY UN HACKABLE - Once this is in place hackers might try to bite a few times but will soon realize they are screwed and stomp off to your competition to wreck their site instead!
Only: $9.95

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