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multipage hit counter

Portal Analyzer is a convenient solution to tracking your websites popularity.  Its a lot like having an invisible hit counter on every page.  Portal Analyzer produces daily reports telling you exactly how many unique visitors you received and which page they entered by.  This way you can tell not only how many people visit your site but which pages attract the most visitors.   Works behind the scenes by crontab or can be exectuted from the browser to provide the easy to follow reports.  Results are tabulated by most popular to least popular entry page.  Unlike access counters which are frequently not accurate this works off of your server logs to provide absolute accuracy in counting. 

System Requirements

  • Designed for apache style logs may work with other formats or be made adaptable
  • Perl 5
  • Crontab access recommended but not required
  • Ability to reset logfiles desired


  • Disregards multiple hits by the same person
  • Results tabulated by page popularity
  • Able to run in the background by crontab providing results without waiting
  • Automatically rotates logfiles if your isp allows it
  • Able to run in realtime mode
Only: $9.95

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