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There are hundreds of domain names expiring every day. For one reason or another people give up on their sites -- they've lost interest, or because of current situation with advertising on Internet they can't afford to pay for hosting, or maybe they simply didn't renew their registration in time. But old links from other sites are still there. In fact, some expired domains have thousands of old links still pointing to them. It's a shame that all this traffic is going nowhere.

There is a scam that has been going around on the internet for some time now.  The scam is that there exists some "on hold" database you can search for domains that have been forgotten or placed onhold status.  This is a complete lie.  The truth is lists such as those are simply created by taking huge databases of domain names and doing massive whois query hurling and calculating expiration windows.  Yes, there is no on hold database.  It's completely stupid, yet you wouldn't believe how many people are stupid enough to shell out THOUSANDS of dollars for these databases. 

Hey I admire anyone doing honest work making a buck and the fact is it is a LOT of work to create these lists.  It's extremely tedious work!  First you HAVE to have a domain database (like the ones we sell).  Then you simply run this script with a modern whois (such as superwhois or any whois that works with the modern internic) and it will check domain after domain and sort them out into lists based on how close the domain is to its expiration date.   THERE IS NO ONHOLD DATABASE MAN - ITS THE OLDEST SCAM ONLINE PRACTICALLY.  All these companies do is bulk query whois with a tool like the one we sell.

That's the big secret.  Kind of like a magic trick.  Once you find out how it works it seems really stupid doesn't it?   Nevertheless it's a great business if you have the patience to sift through domain lists!  We scored a great domain ( using this years ago.  So it DOES have its uses.  We also scored and  Some really great domains. 

System Requirements

  • Perl 5
  • Modern whois (superwhois works) - must work with new internic
  • Telnet
  • A gigantic list of domain names (you can build or purchase)


  • Put dnsresearch out of business!  Man they make way too much money.
  • Easy as tying your shoes
  • Use our domain name databases to get started
  • Use our "superspider" script to collect and harvest more domains
  • Watch out!  We are releasing even MORE domain harvester scripts!
  • You better join this site while its still cheap!
Only: $9.95

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