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Dear Professional Marketer,

It's a crying shame.

How often do you hear of stories where people have spent a few years heading nowhere in the Internet Marketing scene? Hey, that's considered pretty long in the Internet age. Imagine the amount of money you could possibly make and things you could possibly achieve in that time span... or even waste.

And what about that infamous statistic that often quote "95% of the people fail in E-Commerce in their first 120 days online?"

I am sure that stories like this are no longer uncommon to you by now.

Sometimes, it amazes the mind when you begin comparing any two individuals - they may start out with next-to-nothing, or possess the same resources initially. Yet give them a year or two, one of them can be seen making a killing in the Internet Marketing arena while the other withers into obscurity.

Vast differences, eh?

'Owing Only To Having A Different Mindset.'

You see, it's not really so much of how you start but how you finish it.

In the recent years, there have been recorded and documented success stories of people achieving wealth beyond their dreams. Thanks to the Internet, time isn't exactly a factor anymore.

Your attitude does.

And it's really a battle between who has the best imaginations and the highest altitude in their attitude.

Unfortunately, just watching a top Internet Marketing guru executing his next product launch or scouting out his websites is far from enough. The real "cheese" is in knowing what and how they think.

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Doug Champigny's
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Here's A Quick Glimpse On What You Will Discover In The Table Of Contents Of This E-Book:

1.0 The Internet Marketing Scene Today 7
1.1 The Not-So-Nice Picture of Internet Marketing 8
1.2 To Succeed in Internet Marketing You Must Move Out of Your Comfort Zone 9

2.0 Developing the Winners Mindset 11
2.1 Rule #1: Invest in Yourself 12
2.2 The Principal of Abundance Thinking 13
2.3 Think Cooperation, Not Competition 14
2.4 Stop Blaming the Gurus! 16
2.5 How to Be Productive and Manage Your Time Wisely 17

3.0 Putting Yourself on the Fast Track Lane in Internet Marketing 21
3.1 The Money is in the List 22
3.2 Your Credibility Matters and How to Build It 23
3.3 Build Multiple Websites for Multiple Income Streams 24
3.4 Play the Internet Marketing Game - Full Time! 25
3.5 Start Your Own Inner Mastermind Group 26
3.6 Go High Ticket 28
3.7 Model Your Success after Other Internet Entrepreneurs 29
3.8 Focus on Marketing 30
3.9 Automate Your Internet Business from the Start 32
3.10 Learn How to Outsource Your Work to Others 33

4.0 In Closing and Your Call to Action 35
4.1 Even More Fast Track Internet Marketing Success Tips 36
4.2 The Final Piece to Internet Marketing Success: Take Action! 38

Recommended Resources 40


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