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Customizable web-based searchable MYSQL database

Need to put a searchable database online?   Microsearch allows you to easily generate custom, searchable databases with unlimited searchable fields (keyword or selection based).  Creates add.html and search.html interfaces automatically.  Admin interface allows search and delete of records quickly.  Mysql archtitechture for handling large databases with the fastest search technology.   

System Requirements

  • Perl 5
  • Mysql Database Software
  • Msql-Mysql Module
  • DBI Module
  • Unix Style Operating System


  • Supports unlimited data fields
  • Supports both selection based (eg drop down menu, radio buttons) and keyword fields (text areas, text field)
  • Mysql data storage for maximum efficiency and speed
  • Admin interface allows you to safely delete data entries
  • Generates add.html and search.html interfaces for you to save time
  • Create unlimited "required" fields
  • Enforces unique fields (eg:  only one entry per unique email address)
  • Multiple keyword searches performed on unlimited keyword based fields
Only: $9.95

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