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url sorting utility

Ever need to go through a huge list of urls and filter out the dead links?  Most webmasters do from time to time.  Link sorter allows you to upload a simple ASCII one per line file of urls and run the script from telnet.  The script goes through the list and sorts the urls into numerous lists of good urls, dead sites, redirects, etc.  If you have a long list and need a break the program can be restarted from where you left off automatically.

System Requirements

  • Unix
  • Perl 5 with sockets library (standard)
  • Telnet access
  • Simple to install


  • Sorts all of the good urls into a file called 200.txt
  • Sorts all redirected urls into 302.txt
  • Sorts all 404 file not founds' into 404.txt
  • Sorts dead urls (no DNS, offline) into dead.txt
  • If you need to break - no problem - restarts from where you left off automatically
  • Does not stall on dead URL's
  • Keeps record of how far its gone into the sorting
  • Sorts about 500 urls per minute on a good connection
Only: $9.95

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