Info Product Mania!

Discover how a Produce Delivery Driver with No Formal Business Training Quit his Day Job and Came Home to Work Full Time as an Information Marketer!

Digital Information is in high demand, and millions of dollars are being made each year by entrepreneurs in the info product market. Recent studies have found that 90% of all Internet users are searching for some type of information. Nearly one hundred million new informatiom seekers will come to the web this year.

Are you ready to profit from this flood of information-hungry surfers?

I am. And so are many other marketers who have their own digital information products.

And I Want to Show You Exactly how to Produce Your Own e-Book or Downloadable Report so You can get Your Share of the Action!

Tim's easy writing style gives you a sense of talking directly to him. His ideas are clear and concise, and there's even a bit of humor thrown in to make this not only palatable, but a work you can read, employ, and take to the bank. It's really that good.

Pat Marcello,

Creating your very own info products is a piece of cake once you have a basic outline that shows you what to do. Like most things in this business, putting together a quality information product is nowhere near as difficult as you might think.

Here's something for you to consider...

I used to drive a produce truck six days a week. I hated getting up before sunrise and lugging heavy boxes around all day long, but I had to eat, right?

Information marketing has allowed me to ditch my lousy day job and make money from the comfort of my own home. I've made thousands of dollars creating and selling my own digital info products.

Pretty Cool Right? Well Listen Up, Because Here's the Exciting Part:

I have absolutely no formal training in either business or writing!

That's right. No formal training of any kind. And if I can succeed with information marketing, so can you!

Info Product Mania is well organised and an easy read. With all the background info and a step-by-step guideline to take someone from idea generation and research, to completed product! I will keep it handy for a reference of my future writing endeavours.

Lynn Harris
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Whether you have an existing web business or you're a total newbie, right now is the perfect time to get started with information marketing. I'll tell you everything you need to know about putting your own products together completely from scratch!

Info Product Marketing is one of the Best Business
Models on the Web for a Variety of Reasons.

  • There's almost no overhead expense. All you need is a website where your customers can download your products after they purchase.

  • Nearly a 100% profit margin! The cost of putting an info product together can be so minimal, you'll be in profit almost right away!

  • Unlimited flexibility! Info products can be created for every niche market imaginable.

  • It's easy! To be totally honest, there's nothing to it if you know what steps to take.

Download My New Report and See How Easy it is to Get Your Piece of the Info Market Pie!

Info Product Mania

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