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sell single files securely

Developed as an extra security measure for people that sell FILES and SOFTWARE.  REMOTE FTP SERVER runs from the browser and will push a file off of your server to the client server.  Client enters their host, username, password, and a destination directory and the file is transferred at ethernet speeds even if they are only using a dialup account.  Great way to add extra security to sites distributing files.  May be integrated into payment systems fairly easily by using ENV(remote_user) variable as the ftp hostname. 

System Requirements

  • Customizable to work with all operating systems
  • Customizable to work with all web servers
  • Perl 5


  • Easily customized to integrate into TOKEN based payment systems to sell single files
  • Default installation extremely simple
  • Uploads files from server to server at ETHERNET speeds
  • Discourages hackers and credit card fraud
Only: $9.95

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