Error Corrector...

Will catch your website's "Page Not Found", 404 error, and show a custom page to the user.

This page will provide information on the broken link and a list of pages available on your website or link to your main page...

You can completely customize the ugly 404 page replacement page with your own content, a list of links of your website, your logo, and more!

Also Error Corrector will send you an email with a complete report of the broken link, that includes information such as date/time, the IP address of the user, the browser user agent of the user, the URL of the page that was not found, and the refferer page that has the broken link.

You can easily customize the script and change to what email address the reports will be sent as well as the subject of the email and content of the 404 replacement page.

Error Corrector is a  very easy to install this script, you only upload it and modify your .htaccess file. Complete instructions inside the script.

Get Error Corrector and maintain your website traffic!

Only $9.97

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