DATABASE: Create your own searchable databases. ASCII seperated field database structure supports importing and exporting from many popular desktop database applications such as Microsoft Access - database, access, search, cgi, edit, microsoft, perl, unix


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multiuser online database creator and search engine

Search, edit, and import ASCII databases on your web server. Endless possiblities for serving databases over the world wide web.  Import your ASCII database from microsoft access right over the internet.  Password protected editing offers administrator ability to edit or delete any file.  Also features the ability to allow visitors to add individual password protected database entries that they can edit.  Export and import the database into any program that can interpret comma delimited formats.

System Requirements

  • Unix, Linux or NT Operating System
  • Perl 5


  • Performs searches by multiple (space seperated) keywords
  • Breaks up search results into groups of 10 at a time
  • Ability to import or export data into desktop software
  • Admin password allows total online database editing access
  • Modify or delete records online
  • Offers ability for each database entry to be password protected

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