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superfast mysql link exchange system

Flat-file database software will crash your server or the software after about 5,000 hits per day.  These systems are commonly banned on most IPS for this reason.  clicktraders employs streamlined code, MYSQL binary database support, and the latest code tricks from the gurus to provide a superfast link exchange system that will handle even the largest link exchange sites.  Banners are served from the client server so you don't have to pay bandwidth for all of those impressions.  Provides editable subtext link that appears every time a banner is generated to drive your program.  Ergonomic statistical interface tracks raw/unique impressions and clicks through new technologies developed by that do not rely on bogging down your system with huge databases of ip addresses.  Super Link Exchange members can BUY credits to get more impressions by the push of a button where they are transported to your handy order form.  Uses either syntax or realtime validation through Authorize.Net.  clicktraders can be customized for any billing gateway by our cgi gurus.  There is truely nothing like this on the internet.  Credit buying interface supports Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Novus, and Online checks.  Admin interface allows you to check the overall system performance and statistics, browse through and count your users, bulk email your members and edit/delete their information.

System Requirements

  • Perl 5
  • Mysql Database Software
  • Msql-Mysql Module
  • DBI Module
  • SSLEAY/Open SSL required for using port 443
  • Sendmail
  • Crontab Recommended to use bulk email feature
  • Supports Version 3.0 or Syntax Verification
  • Unix, Linux or NT Operating System
  • Secure Webspace with CGI Capability Recommended
  • Online merchant account required for real time validation


  • No flatfile databases - uses binary MYSQL database for superfast performance
  • Serves images from client server - no huge bandwidth load
  • Tracks raw/unique impressions and clicks
  • Members can modify their data anytime
  • Link code automatically generated so members wont screw it up
  • Syntax and Realtime processing supported
  • Admin Interfaces allows browsing through user database
  • Admin Interface allows bulk email messaging, edit, getinfo, and deleting all aspects of members
  • Flood control allows you to take over the banner exchange at anytime and send you add
  • Subtext/html may also be added under banners served. 
  • Members CANNOT alter the bannercode or remove text link - its IMPOSSIBLE
  • You control banner size and borders
  • Can scale any reward system possible - 1:1, 3:6, whatever
  • Can payout bonus credits for unique clicks (great incentive!)
  • May customize attrition values (credits consumed per impression)

Only: $9.95

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