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Clickblaster will send you so much traffic your provider may actually shut you down.  This is a seriously hardcore promotional engine with a mysql backend for ultraspeed and ultralow CPU drainage.   The system tracks hits through 3 levels and even to the point of sale.  Thus you track the "hit and runs" or primary clickthroughs, the people that actually surf through your site to a secondary page, and even to a 3rd (or tertiary) page.   Various rewards are distributed depending on the QUALITY of the clickthrough traffic so you don't get screwed by losers trying to cheat your system.  There are 4 variables to compare.  Initial clickthrough, secondary page, tertiary page, and sale.   The 2nd, 3rd, and sale pages can be hidden ANYWHERE on your server making it a virtual nightmare for anyone to try and hack through.  Banners are served from the AFFILIATES server which minimizes server load.  Impressions are not tracked in this version because well - who the hell cares anyway?  The point of this clickthrough system is that when an affiliate earns a specified number of "credits" they earn a free prize, free password, or whatever.  All screening is done manually and the great thing is everyone that signs up is automatically stored in a handy email database for future marketing.  Tracks with cookies and our special IP tracking for extra security.  You really should try this one out on our site to get a feel for what this is all about.  All I can say is when I launched the predecessor (bannergate) I was completely unprepared for the level of traffic this was about to generate.  This is now the second generation of this type of clickthrough marketing tool and I feel it is a superior design.  Bannergate has its place, but this in my opinion is like the atomic bomb.  Members can check their stats in realtime.  Admin interface allows easy overview of accounts and deletion of dead accounts.  Once user has surpassed your predefined threshold an email is sent out to the administrator notifying that a free account has been earned. 

System Requirements


  • Mysql backend million times faster than lame flatfile systems
  • Allows account holders to login to check their stats in realtime
  • Tracks 3 levels of clickthroughs (primary, secondary, tertiary)
  • Tracks sales (optional)
  • Banner images served from affiiate server for minimal system load
  • Secure admin interface allows overview of all account statistics
  • Admin statistics calculated
  • Modify & Delete accounts at will
  • Uses both cookies and IP addresses for maximum security
  • Negligable system load
Only: $9.95

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