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Automatic Website Mirroring / Backup Utility

If you make money online then you know your website is your lifeline.  Keep your password databases, billing databases, or even your entire website safe and secure on multiple webservers!  Now you can sleep assured that your files can be restored in seconds from a perfect backup done automatically as often as you wish.  Easy to setup script that will archive and transfer a copy of your entire website or any directory of files to another server to provide you with a nightly, weekly, or monthly automated backup.  Files are not overwritten so there is no danger of file corruption caused if backups fail and write 0K files. 

System Requirements

  • Perl 5
  • Crontab required
  • Remote Server to backup to
  • Unix Style Operating System


  • Backup controlled by crontab for total automation
  • Files sorted chronologically by julean date so there is no danger of backing up 0K files in case of connection loss
  • Script is extremely easy to setup
  • Transfer an entire website or just a single directory of files
  • Keep your password or billing databases safe and secure on multiple webservers!

    Only: $9.95

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