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mysql backend age verification system with realtime processing

Basically this is a adult check age verification system.  Probably even much better than other software actually.   Mysql database backend and payment gateways allow you to run your own Age Verification System.  Built in 2 level affiliate structure allows you to payout commissions to both webmaters that refer members and webmasters that refer other webmasters.  Search the entire AVS database by keywords or browse by category.   Generates signup messages, realtime cc processing.  Webmaster lounge lets them see their commissions in realtime or tweak their sites.  Admin interface gives you overall control to approve or delete sites.  You can also revoke commissions to webmasters in event of fraud or chargeback.

System Requirements

  • Perl 5
  • Mysql Database Software
  • Msql-Mysql Module
  • DBI Module
  • SSLEAY/Open SSL required for using port 443
  • Sendmail
  • Supports Version 3.0
  • Unix, Linux or NT Operating System
  • Secure Webspace with CGI Capability Recommended
  • Online merchant account required for real time validation


  • No flatfile databases - uses binary MYSQL database for superfast performance
  • Webmasters get realtime statistics
  • Webmasters can modify and delete their site listings
  • Admin panel allows overall interaction of website from the browser
  • Automatic check generating button to payout your webmasters
  • System interfaces into the gateway for realtime effortless credit card and check processing
  • Emails automatic site code to webmasters (just like adult check)
  • Allows webmasters and members to retreive forgotten passwords by email
  • Allows multiple keyword searches
  • Allows browsing by category
  • Much more!
Only: $9.95

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