AtomicFTP Client provides the perfect  combination of performance, security, and ease-of-use  for the active internet user and webmaster. Whether you are publishing a new Web site, downloading the latest  digital images, music and software, or simply  transferring large files between your home and office, AtomicFTP gets the job done quickly and easily  every time.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most commonly used method of sending and retrieving files to  and from other computers over the Internet. All you need to manage and transfer files is the use of a computer  which has a direct connection to the Internet.

Just enter the name (or numeric address) of the  server you want to transfer your files to or from, add your personal username and password, and press connect! With a simple FTP program like AtomicFTP, you’ll have a live connection with a remote computer in a flash!

AtomicFTP Benefits:

  • Manage all of your online data like a pro
  • Download images, music and software on demand
  • Share your own files with  friends for Free
  • Transfer large files between home and office
  • Upload your new website with ease and speed
  • Upload your own cgi scripts  direct to your server
  • Make quick changes to your site  content
  • Make regular data back-ups for peace of mind
  • Ease of use for both the novice  and Pro webmaster

AtomicFTP Screenshot:

 AtomicFTP Features:

  • Windows XP Compatible
  • Lightning fast file  transfer
  • Simple user interface and user navigation
  • Add, delete and rename files
  • Add, delete and rename entire  folders
  • Upload multiple files and  folders at once
  • Realtime upload/download Status  Reporting
  • Reconnect broken transfers without losing data
  • Optional secure ‘passive mode’ supports transfer of             files from behind a firewall

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This software is for personal use and may be installed on one computer only. It may not be distributed or shared for any reason wthout written permission. The software is distributed ‘as is’, without any warranty expressed or implied.

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